Radical Road - Stewart BrewingStewart Brewing’s Radical Road promises to be a swaggering bitter brute.

It’s hopped in the kettle, primary and secondary so the burst of tropical fruits and grapefruit on the nose comes as no surprise. A malty base and gentle orange notes complement the aromas from the hops to create a really interesting first impression.
Radical Road is much more than a collection of hops, though, and its depth starts to come out as soon you take your first sip. There’s sweet caramel and mango at the front and tangy grapefruit behind. The sweetness disappears fast, leaving a prickly dry bitterness and punchy grapefruit.

Radical Road is a fantastic beer. Its three-stage hopping creates a fantastic mesh of flavours that are perfectly balanced against the sweetness of tropical fruit.

Written by David Vallance